These 7 Italian Food Facts Will Amaze You


Did you know that the following Italian food facts will make you yearn to consume it again? Yes, Italy is indeed impressive with its global food taste. Everything about Italian food, from pizza to pasta, has many unique facts that make you unforgettable. Check out the points below!

The Most Unique Things About Italian Food Facts

Did you know that the pasta you know today used to be made unusually? Before the invention of the pasta making machine, this food was made by stepping on it because the pasta dough was hard and very difficult to mix by hand.

People Think That Spaghetti Came From Trees

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This is quite an uncommon fact about pasta. Many people thought that pasta came from trees. This is because the BBC was presenting a documentary about spaghetti plantations in Switzerland. The film was actually an April Fool’s Day joke. However, since the documentary was established, many people started looking for spaghetti trees.

Pizza Grew In Popularity After World War II

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Pizza has grown in popularity since American soldiers served in Italy and brought the food back to their country. After World War II ended, these soldiers searched the Italian neighborhood in the US. The spread of pizza to other countries began and has grown in popularity since the world war.

In 1990 There Was The Largest Pizza In The World, Weighing Up To 12,194 Kg

The most giant pizza in history was made on December 8, 1990, in Johannesburg, South Africa. This pizza is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, with ingredients including 5 kg of flour, 815 kg of cheese, and 906 kg of tomato sauce. Besides being the largest, this pizza is also recorded as the longest pizza that reaches four meters.

Mozzarella, The Most Common Cheese Used In Pizza Mixes

Mozzarella is the most famous and favorite cheese as a pizza topping. This cheese is renowned for its taste and texture that goes well with many dishes, including pizza. As a topping, its stretchy texture and melts in the mouth can make pizza dishes look even more appetizing. Apart from being a topping, cheese is also the main stuffing in pizza.

Italian Food Doesn’t Put Salt On The Table

If Americans like to add salt, pepper, and cheese to their diet, it’s different from Italians. In Italian restaurants, salt, pepper, and cheese are usually not served. Generally provided chili powder. Italians cook food entirely from raw and season it themselves. So, if you put salt on the table is the same as getting people to change the taste of a dish.

The Thickness Of The Pizza Should Not Exceed 3 Millimeters

If following the country of origin’s tradition, it turns out that the thickness of the pizza before putting it in the oven should not be more than 3 millimeters and after baking, the pizza will expand to a thickness of 1 to 2 centimeters. There can be no more, no less. The true tradition of devouring pizza is to eat it by hand, without the help of a knife or fork, even in a fancy restaurant.

Have you started deciding to consume Italian food as your daily diet? Make sure to process every food healthily. Those Italian food facts be a food processing recommendation for you.

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