Interesting Culinary Facts That Make You Aware Before You Munch Anything!


If you like to try various cuisines worldwide, then you should find out interesting culinary facts. As we know that we can easily taste various kinds of cuisines from other countries, that many restaurants serve in our country. Yet, if you have time to visit several countries, you should know that eating habits can deliver significant changes in how you should enjoy the food.

Read These Interesting Culinary Facts Before Trying Any Food In Other Countries

Your eating habits can be rude in other countries, while they might also be acceptable in others. This is interesting. Don’t let your eating habit stops you from trying new foods for your extraordinary culinary adventure!

1. Chopsticks

Yes, they are very easy to use, when you are eating noodles. The challenge that you should conquer is when you need to eat rice leftovers on your bowls. Chopsticks should be used in a manner, based on tradition. Though the shape of chopsticks recall you of those days when you play with your pencils in school, don’t even think to play with chopsticks!

The next important thing is that you should not share your food with others by using your chopsticks, either. Use the available ones which are already prepared to pick foods from the serving bowls. Many old Chinese consider that tapping chopsticks on the bowl’s edge is impolite because beggars did similarly during the old days. Once you finish eating, don’t place the chopsticks above the bowl. Instead, place them beside your bowl horizontally.

2. Slurping

Well, people in several countries find slurping very impolite. Even drinking a cup of tea or coffee by producing a very slight sound is considered improper. On the other hand, Japanese people consider it as a ‘necessity’. This is particularly for strangers who visit a Japanese family. When the guests slurp the bowl of soup, it means that the guests love the soup taste. On the other hand, the homeowners consider that guests don’t like their soup servings when they don’t slurp them.

3. Fork

A fork is one of the most vital cutleries. But, this one is not acceptable in Thailand. While we are used to eating fruits with forks, this is considered very impolite for Thailand people. They still use a fork when eating, only by supporting foods to the spoon.

4. Bare Hands

Western people might consider that people eating foods with bare hands or fingers are very weird. They will be surprised at how Indonesian people can easily eat rice, vegetables with chicken or fish by using their fingers! For most Indonesians, this is the most fascinating way to eat cuisines. Well, eating bare hands is applicable for westerners in eating burgers or sandwiches. On the other hand, many restaurants in Indonesia serve sandwiches with a fork and knife.

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Don’t Hesitate In Trying All Wonderful Cuisines Worldwide!

Those interesting culinary facts are easy to learn and remember. Whenever you go abroad and have no idea about what to do in a restaurant, just take a look at natives who also eat there. Just imitate them, and you’ll be safe from being regarded as a rude, uncivilized person!

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