8 Facts About Food That Will Blow Your Mind


Interesting facts about food often surprise people. Not only as an energy booster, but food can also improve a negative mood. A sad person can be pleased with eating – sweet food. People who are stressed can be calmer because they eat certain foods. Apart from the taste, the aroma produced from food can also invite appetites. The unique color, texture, and presentation style invite people to taste the food.

Interesting facts about food that makes you live long

According to a 2015 study from Harvard Medical School, eating spicy foods – at least once a day – can reduce the risk of death by 14 percent. The bioactive ingredients in spicy foods can help maintain healthy cholesterol and levels of triglycerides or fats in the bloodstream.

The Mayans used chocolate as currency 

According to a report in the journal ‘Economic Anthropology,’ the Mayans used chocolate as currency. Still in the same information, chocolate could be exchanged for several goods and services at that time. The chocolate included in the category as a means of payment is not the chocolate snack we usually eat. Still, the cocoa beans are used to make snacks and drinks.

Hawaiian Pizza was discovered by a Canadian citizen

If you think that Hawaiian Pizza originates from Hawaii, you are wrong. The reason is, this pineapple topping pizza was actually created and discovered by a Canadian citizen. Sam Panopoulos, the inventor, is of Greek descent who moved to Canada at the age of 20. In 1962, he then got creative by adding ham and pineapple as a pizza topping.

White chocolate is not actually a type of chocolate

Many people think that white chocolate falls into a category or type of chocolate, even though the fact is not. The reason is, in the manufacture of white chocolate contains cocoa butter (cocoa butter) and does not contain chocolate solids. That way, white chocolate doesn’t technically qualify as chocolate.

The oldest honey was even stored for 3000 years

honey photo

Honey has a good shelf-life. The oldest honey was even stored for 3000 years. Sugar has hygroscopic properties, which means it absorbs moisture. When microbes come into contact with honey, they shrink and die. This property also makes this food anti-yeast and fungal growth. Honey also has a pH of 3.26-4.48, which makes it durable for a long time.

In Korea, the octopus is eaten alive

octopus food photo

According to local residents, a live octopus is believed to be good for health. The sensation of biting in the mouth is a challenge for lovers. Don’t be surprised if the octopus sticks to your mouth and tries to climb back up into your throat.

The stickers on the fruit are edible

From the US Department of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) presentation, the stickers attached to the fruit that we often buy are edible. So, at any time you forget to take it off and accidentally swallow it, there’s no need to panic because the sticker is made of edible paper (edible). The glue used is food grade doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. 

Frozen vegetables are healthier

Anyone who thought that vegetables lose all their strength and nutrition when frozen will better think again. Various studies say, frozen vegetables still contain complete nutrition than ordinary vegetables that we often buy in supermarkets. Vegetables in supermarkets are usually exposed to heat and exposure to light, so they have fewer nutrients.

Everything we encounter every day contains unique facts, mysteries, or fascinating history. The foods we consume often have thousands of other unique facts that have not been discovered. Gaining insight into new things is fun, especially what other people don’t know. Reading a lot of stuff about interesting facts about food will certainly add to your insight. Read about Interesting Culinary facts in here.

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