9 Facts About Fast Food You Ought To Know


Fast food is actually different from junk food; maybe this is one of the fast food facts that will surprise you. There are many other facts that you can follow fast food. You will also be informed about the myths that exist in fast food. Check out the points below!

The Most Useful Facts About Fast Food

When visiting fast food, pay attention to the right time. These are the best times for peak hours: 1, 6, and 8 p.m. In fact, these are the times when fast food serves fresh food.

Soda Is Cheaper Than Tea

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Usually, in fast food places, soda always has a lower price than tea. It’s because they want people to buy more soda. Moreover, sodas with a sweet taste may quench thirst. Also, carbon dioxide can stimulate the appetite.

Kitchen Scent Is A Strategy To Attract Customers

Passing several places to eat regular fast food smells delicious. Even the aroma makes us tempted to stop by and order food there. The fast-food facts about this say that this delightful aroma is part of their strategy to attract potential buyers’ attention. They will deliberately leave the kitchen door open so that the smell can be inhaled far.

There Are 18 Ingredients In French Fries

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French fries are a food that is always served at every fast food outlet. However, did you know that french fries are actually formulated with dozens of other ingredients? Potatoes are only the main ingredients. Besides, there are about 18 different ingredients, such as fat, additives, and flavor enhancers that make this snack delicious and addicting.

The Tools For Storing Soda Are Filled With Bacteria

 You need to know that the tool for storing soda drinks is complicated to wash. You can imagine how many bacteria, germs, and fungi that nest there. The sweet taste of soft drinks is a perfect condition for the bacteria and germs that inhabit there. Therefore, think again before deciding to order soda drinks.

Fast Food Contains Antifreeze

In ignorance, fast food is often added with an antifreeze ingredient called propylene glycol. The function of this substance is to enhance flavor and keep food fresh. So, don’t be surprised if the lettuce on the sandwich is still fresh. Antifreeze is also often added to ice cream.

Fast Food Contains Substances That Are Addictive

It’s no secret that fast food is much more tempting. The content of flavorings, fatty meat, cheese, and other calorie-rich ingredients are often the main ingredients. Compared to select chemicals that have an addictive effect, these are actually the things that cause us as consumers to want to eat again and again.

Mcd Uses Preserved Meat That Does Not Spoil Even After Years

McDonald’s Canada denies this and says this is just a myth. It is true that meat can last a long time, but not because of chemicals. Instead, patty or McD hamburger is processed to be drier to remove moisture. Besides, all food ingredients used have passed the feasibility test from the Ministry of Health. This means that these products, including meat, are safe for consumption as long as they are not excessive.

Fast Food Biggest Cause Obesity Is A Myth

This is one of the generalized myths and assumptions in society. Obesity is closely related to lifestyle, diet, metabolic conditions, to genetic factors. Consumption of fast food will not necessarily make you fat if balanced with a balanced lifestyle and exercise.

You need to be wise in your consumption and choose fast food that is good for your body. Don’t get sick from consuming any food. Hopefully, the facts about fast food make it easier for you to make choices to start a healthy life.

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