5 Fun and Little-Known Mexico Food Facts


Mexico food facts have their own uniqueness for their fans. Starting from the spicy taste, the tortilla, to the presentation made them tasteful to consume. The following facts about Mexico food can be a unique food recommendation for you.

Taco, A Unique Mexico Food Facts

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Tacos or tacos are a type of Mexican food made from tortilla sheets filled with various kinds of delicious and tempting fillings. There are various types of tacos lined up by the sellers. All of them can be adjusted according to individual tastes. Although known as a typical icon from Mexico, it turns out that tacos are also quite famous in the United States. Of course, it is not surprising because geographically, America and Mexico are close together.

Tacos are indeed popular even today, but who would have thought that tacos’ existence has been quite famous since the 19th century. Experts say that tacos have been around since 1000-500 BC. In those days, it turned out that tortilla shells were used as a spoon for the filling.

Similar to food in general, tacos also offer a different sensation to the filling inside. Over time, the filling of tacos has undergone various revolutions. Tacos offer a variety of interesting fillings ranging from non-vegetarians to vegetarians. Mexicans have a tradition of enjoying a different kind of special taco. This is what makes Mexican-style tacos have their own unique sensation.

A Burrito Is A Mexican Food Similar To A Turkish Kebab

Burrito has a shape similar to Turkish kebabs. However, the difference is in the filling. The Turkish kebab has a reasonably diverse filling, but not the burrito. The burrito is an adaptation of a traditional food called quesadilla created by Mexican immigrant workers in the United States.

Mexican Cuisine Is Heavily Influenced By Immigrants

Many traditional dishes and ingredients are being adopted in Mexico after each wave of immigration. For example, cake and candy making became popular after two French invasions in the 19th century. In time, more French and Italian immigrants brought in other new ingredients, such as strong pasta and cheese. The Caribbean influence is also evident in local cuisine on the coast, with plantains and coconut oil. The arrival of the Lebanese people made a significant contribution to Yucatan cuisine.

Mexican Cuisine Loaded With Vegetables

The main ingredients of Mexican cooking are not cheese and meat, but vegetables. Old Mexican dishes are mostly vegetable-based, and that hasn’t changed too much. Many typical dishes call for corn, peppers or beans. There is also a widely used parade of vegetables that you may not have heard of, such as quelite (lamb bowl), quintoniles (green spinach), huauzontles, etc. Most of these are wild vegetables and are eaten in spicy soups and stews.

Nacho First Created In 1943 By Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya

Nacho itself is a typical Mexican food made from tortilla chips doused with cheese sauce or salsa. Nachos added with a sprinkling of minced meat, vegetables, and nuts. Nachos can be eaten as a snack or as a main meal. It is depending on the portion and the number of ingredients added. 

Well, finding various interesting facts about food is never-ending. Especially if you always hungry. Just imagining the shape of food, adds volume saliva. Especially if the food is presented. Hopefully, these Mexico food facts will impress you with Mexican culture, and you gonna taste it again someday.

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