5 Food Allergy Facts That Will Shock You


If you are someone with a food allergy, you may already know what are the basic food allergy facts that are occurring to you. A common thing for people who have a food allergy is their skin will become itchy or turning red. That’s one of the food allergy facts that everyone knows. Another example is, when people with particular food allergy eat the prohibited one, it will make their digestive system in the problem.

Beside those common facts, there are unpopular facts of food allergy facts that will make you think twice about it. Do you ever think of what cure to food allergy? Or maybe, what is the worst food allergic reaction that the people with allergy receives? Little facts about a food allergy that we just told you may doesn’t matter with your preferences, but it’s important to know since its related to the health. To know more about food allergy facts, read the explanation below.

Food Allergy Facts Introduction: The Most Frequent Food Allergens

From the particular statistics of food allergens by FDA, the food that causes 90% allergens came from milk, egg, tree nut such as almond, walnut, pecans, wheat, peanut, soy, fish, and shellfish (crab, shrimp, clams). The eight food that causes allergens divides again by the time they will appear. The allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and fish tend to stay a lifetime. But allergies of milk, egg, wheat, and soy may disappear the more the people grow up.

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The Worst-Case of Allergic Reaction

In the worst case, people who have an allergic reaction may experience Anaphylaxis which can threaten their life because of its reactions. The Anaphylaxis can make someone on low blood pressure, narrowing of the airways, and even shock condition, The symptoms of Anaphylaxis are dizziness, diarrhea, and vomiting. In the US, the Anaphylaxis patient is approximately 30,000 where the 30,000 have emergency room visits and 2,000 people being hospitalized.

Is There Any Cure of Food Allergic?

Unfortunately, no. There’s no cure for food allergic. It’s just like something you need to carry wherever you go. The best way to prevent the food allergic is to avoid the food that you were allergen to that. Anyone with food allergies needs to read the label of the food first before they eat something.

Food Allergic Impact on Other Health Condition

People with food allergies are prone to get asthma or another allergic disease that can be caused by food or condition such as cold, hot, and many more. Children with food allergies have the chance of getting asthma two to four times higher than the usual children. They may also allergic to the dust as a result of the inability of the respiratory system they have.

Cost Caused By Food Allergy

Near $25 billion spent on the treatment of food allergy. It’s the count for just one child who has a food allergy. Seeing the high number of treatment, that means a lot of health institutions still discover to handle food allergy, especially if the allergies affect the children. It’s more than threatening rather than the adult who experienced it.

Food allergy can be considered as a disease or a supporting factor of breakdown health condition because once it activated in the body, another part will become weak. As a human being, the best all you can do to prevent the food allergy is to realize the state of your body. You need to know if there’s something wrong with the body when you eat a particular food. If it’s happening, you have to immediately check it. Hope this article about food allergy facts will help you.

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