4 Japanese Food Facts That You Should Know


Japanese food will never disappoint us and that’s why we need to know Japanese food facts. If you are an anime addict or getting attached to Japanese music or language, knowing Japanese food facts is considered as an expression of respecting the Japanese culture. In the anime, we often see a lot of Japanese eat or cook by the character inside the anime. When we try it and learn about some facts of Japanese food facts, the taste hit differently than before.

The same cases also happen if you love Japanese music or language. If the artist mentioned something about their favorite food, or you hear the conversation about showing gratitude when the meal is ready, the curiosity of Japanese food will become higher. It may make you end up try Japanese food like sushi, ramen, onigiri, and many more. To understand more about the food and its origin, you should know about Japanese food facts.

An Introduction of Japanese Food Facts: Japanese Food As A UNESCO Heritage

Washoku or simply called as Japanese cuisine is one of the UNESCO Heritage throughout 2013 until now. It’s because of the serving technique of meal that makes it able to add to the intangible cultural heritage of humanity in UNESCO. It’s not only about giving food or put it in the plate, but also on how to serve the meal to the person who will eat it.

Most Japanese Food Consist of Healthy Ingredients

Avocado, seaweed, tofu, and soup is several healthy ingredients that consist of every food or part of Japanese food. You can easily find avocado or seaweed in a roll of sushi. As for the tofu, you may already eat inari sushi where the inari itself means fried tofu sushi. Undebatable, Japanese food is healthy food.

Raw Food Is Common In Japanese Food

When you love the raw egg yolk spread in your mouth while eating a burger, the Japanese people eat the raw food more than an America. They eat raw fish called sashimi, raw octopus, even raw seafood. For Japanese people, raw has the same means as the originality of the meal. The reason why they brave to do that is that raw food is clean well before they eat it.

Japanese Believe To ‘Eat’ With Eyes

What does ‘eat’ with eyes refer to? That means the Japanese consider food is not only eaten by the mouth, but also with the eyes who see the appearance of the food. They are talented at decorating their meals even if it’s for themselves. You can understand once you see Bento creation from Japanese people that has a great amount of creativity lies in it.

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Japanese Cuisine

After knowing these Japanese food facts, it’s not hard for you to learn the origin or history of Japanese food. Even if you want to practice making Japanese food, you can understand it well because you do have a basic knowledge about it. By reading the information about Japanese food facts, we hope it helps you dive into Japanese culture.

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