4 Facts About Brazil Food You Need to Know


There is not only football that famous in Brazil, but the facts about Brazil food is also popular among foreign or tourist. This fifth largest Latin America nation offers you an exotic and warm food alongside with the tourist attraction that mesmerized us. One of the famous dishes of Brazil is their Brazilian steakhouse that lists in most of the barbecue restaurant. Brazilian says it Churrasco or barbecue technique in grilling beef, pork, chicken, and sausage.

Beside Brazilian steakhouse, there are other Brazil food facts that you need to know to understand the culture of native people. For a clue, Brazilian doesn’t think breakfast is an important meal for a whole day. They prefer to eat while at lunchtime. When breakfast, they only eat light food and they didn’t consider it as part of eating. If you want to know more about Brazilian food facts, you can the explanation that we prepare for you!

Facts About Brazil Food: Cachaca is Favorite Drink In Brazil

In Brazil, they do have their cocktail to be consumed when you are chit-chatting with your friends. Name’s Cachaca and the drink is a sugarcane juice that is distilled. Cachaca also has another name like aguardiente, caninha, and pinga de tuto. The drink has two types, unaged and aged. The consumption of Cachaca is approximately 400 million gallons, make it the most consume and favourite drink in Brazil.

Most Important Beverage: Coffee!

Other than football and steak, Brazil is also renowned for its coffee. The country is the third-largest coffee producer and exports their coffee all around the world. Brazilian intent to drink hot, strong, and dark coffee without any problem because they are often consuming it in the meantime. The consumption of coffee even reaches 5 billion pounds of raw coffee for one year. All the evidence show us how important coffee for Brazilian.

Brazil National Dish Is Feijoada

As a holiday and celebration meal, Feijoada often served in the dining table while Christmas or birthday celebration. Usually, Brazilian eats Feijoada with rice and the Feijoada consist of meat such as smoked sausage, beef, or bacon. There are also vegetables like carrot and beans inside Feijoada.

National Dessert: Pao de Quiejo and Brigadeiros

Talking about desserts, Brazilian do have their special dessert called Pao de queijo or cheese bread and Brigadeiros or chocolate balls. Both Pao de Quiejo and Brigadeiros have their characteristic. Pao de Quiejo taste salty because the cheese is mixed with the dough, while Brigadeiros is sweet and salt because of the butter, powdered chocolate, and the sprinkles.

With rich taste and diversity of food culture in Brazil, you won’t get enough just try several foods in Brazil. There are more foods to taste and it’s hard to pass the chance of experiencing new flavour in your mouth. Although you may adapt to the food first, you will become usual once you find the point why you should keep trying the dish. That were facts about Brazil food for you to know. We hope we can help you understand the facts about Brazil food in general.

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